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Chairman’s Update November 2020

As everyone appreciates, this year has been overshadowed by the Covid 19 pandemic. This has had a huge impact on the charity and its members and trustees.

The fortnightly luncheon club ,enjoyed by up to 30 members, has halted and our planned visits to shows at The Palace Theatre in Redditch were cancelled although but we look forward to the future shows with confidence.

At present no future dates can be given to restart our activities. Most of our members are elderly, many live alone or in sheltered accommodation so it is unwise to expose them to any risks at this time.

Our income from supermarket collections has also ceased but money from the Redditch Lottery gives us a small monthly income as does the money from collecting tins in many local shops.

Members have continued to contact us about their difficulties and we have referred members to the County Council Adult Care Services which include the Sensory Impairment Team.

Gareth Prosser has become the new Mayor of Redditch and has indicated that R.A.B. will be one of his Mayoral charities. We are delighted to hear this, which will be very beneficial to us in due course.

Our website is being updated to reflect new personnel and contacts. Our longstanding secretary Mary Birkett, who has guided us over several decades has retired but continues to serve as a trustee. Our gratitude for her service is warm and deep. Jane Rose is our new secretary.

Despite the virus, our finances remain in good shape through the prudence and good management by our Treasurer.

Very sadly, one of our longstanding trustees, Sid Graham, passed away recently. A loyal servant of the charity and a lovely man, we shall miss him and our thoughts are with his wife, Janet.

The most recent event I took part in was the rolling out of the escooter pilot in Redditch.I met with the organisers of this scheme and mentioned my anxiety over visually impaired members and electric scooters. They have taken the problems of visibility into account and have put bright yellow and orange flashes on the little scooters so they can be see more easily. They will be restricted to about 4mph in the pedestrianised areas.

We look forward to happier times ahead but the charity is always available for support and advice.

Bill Payne, Chairman, Redditch Association for the Blind. November 2020.

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