About the charity

The Redditch Association for the Blind is a registered UK charity no 1038940 and is based in Redditch Worcestershire. The Charity aims to improve the wellbeing of people who are registered blind or partially sighted or affected by severe loss of vision, but not yet registered, and who live in the Borough of Redditch. Anyone who is affected by blindness or severe sight loss is invited to register with our charity and participate in our events which provide many social opportunities for our members and their carers and/or partners. All members, are invited to our events which are very popular.

We are managed by a Trustee Board which meets monthly to plan events, arrange fund raising and liaises with other like agencies. We are constantly reviewing how we function and seek ways to further improve the wellbeing of those who experience severe loss of vision or blindness. We have a President for the organisation who is Mr. Simon Thomas.

Throughout each year we plan several social gatherings with entertainment, theatre visits, coach trips out, and pub lunches. We also run a regular lunch club which meets twice monthly at Webheath Hall. Our members enjoy these events and make many friends.

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